Get To Know This Soldier: Jesse Harmon

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Jesse Harmon shows off his catch that he got in Alaska during the summer fishing season.  Photo courtesy of Jesse Harmon

Jesse Harmon shows off his catch that he got in Alaska during the summer fishing season. Photo courtesy of Jesse Harmon

Jesse Harmon is 32 years old, married with two daughters and two sons. Harmon chose to come to Snow College because of its location, price, and reputation. He is going into the business program.

Harmon has two older brothers and a younger brother, who are also currently attending Snow. His favorite kind of candy bar is Snickers and his favorite food to eat is his homemade dutch-oven lasagna.

If he were able to go anywhere, he would go to Dominican Republic because, “I have a friend that went there and he told me all about it. I think I could enjoy myself at that place. Especially when Utah is covered in a foot of snow. It would be nice to have a little getaway and absorb some of those warm rays of sunshine on the skin.”

Harmon described his favorite family trip to Alaska saying, “When I was there we went out on a boat for the fishing and also traveled out and saw a glacier.” Harmon also described scooping up a chunk of glacier to use in their fishing cooler saying “It looked like nothing I have ever seen before. Like a large piece of glass with small concave pits all over it. It lasted about ten days in the cooler too, it did a good job of keeping our catch cold.”

The last adventure Harmon went on was after high school. He explained, “I joined the army out of high school and was sent to the 3rd Infantry Division in Ft. Stewart, GA after my basic training. While there, I served two combat deployments to Iraq, first as a cav scout for 5th Cavalry 7th Regiment near the city of Balad. Second tour was with the Division Headquarters in the Multi National Division Center in Baghdad.”

Harmon’s favorite time of year is either fall or the time surrounding the Manti Pageant. Harmon enjoys the Manti Pageant because he loves “to see all the people come and visit and how the community all comes together with volunteer work to participate in such a fun event.”

Harmon’s loves fall with all the leaves changing colors, the smells that are in the air, the experience is just refreshing every year. “I like to help out the forest when I can. Especially when it helps me out, clearing out all the old trees, making room for new growth and making the area look more beautiful. I love watching the warm glow of the fire at home on a cold day. Makes the winter much more enjoyable.”

Harmon’s hobbies include dirt biking, four-wheeling, rock climbing, ice climbing, equipment operator, firewood harvest, camping, shooting, construction, metal fabrication, and weight lifting. He likes that despite all the places and things he has done, he is still alive, in good health and with a positive attitude towards life.

There are a lot of more adventures and stories that he has to offer. So go out and get to know this soldier!

Natalie Francis is 19 years old and is a freshman at Snow College as well as on the Snowdrift. She loves to get to know people and likes to incorporate that into her writing. Natalie is from Clinton, Utah and graduated from Clearfield High School in 2014. She loves to paint and can’t deny her love for Disney. She choose to write for the Snowdrift because she thought it would be fun and something new for her to try while completing her generals here at Snow.

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