Getting Involved: Snow’s Service Club

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Many Snow College students have found it to be very rewarding to perform service around the local communities.

When interviewed, the Snow Service Club President, Adalie Schumann, talked about her favorite parts about being involved with the club, when they meet, and what really goes on.

This is Adalie’s fourth semester in the club, and first semester as president of the organization. When asked about her favorite part of being involved with the leadership, she responded that it is “definitely the experience and being able to see what goes on behind the scenes.”

Snow Service has meetings each week that Adalie is involved in, beginning at 4 p.m. each Tuesday. “At the beginning of the month we do a social gathering with food and friends and people.” The second Tuesday of the month, they meet for a service project. “That can be tying blankets, once we snipped the tops off of beets for the community garden. Anything to help. Any little service project.”

The third Tuesday, Snow Service meets to report on the service they’ve done.  “It’s mostly hearing the good experiences of those who are in the club,” Adalie commented. Guest speakers are brought in for the fourth meeting of the month. This is a practice that has only just begun, but Snow College natives like English Brooks have spoken. “He talks about his service learning course, which is really good.”

When asked about any major projects in the future, the club president said, “We are going to do a campus wide service project.” There is no specific date yet, but the club aims to help beautify the college by laying new wood chips and planting some trees.

The opportunity to serve is not only open to club members, but also anyone who wants to get involved. Adalie said, “It’s good [for them] to come and talk to us and see what their interests are. Then we can coordinate with the program directors and get them into helping with the English as a Second Language program, or the middle school, or the STAR reading program.”

Snow Service is also interested in receiving suggestions for new programs. “Many people have come to us and proposed their own program. We’ve made those into… programs that others can be involved with.” Adalie cited the example of Jessica Cowley’s STAR reading project, which involved helping children in neighboring schools with reading.

“It’s a great way to get people involved with our community, Snow College, and to help people see how great service is.”

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