Getting to Know the Writers

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Photo Courtesy of Frederik Peterson

Photo Courtesy of Frederik Peterson

Behind every successful newspaper is a staff dedicated to delivering news to its readers. A newspaper staff is made up of many individual people who aren’t so different than everyone else. For the Snowdrift, these people could just be another passerby on the street, but when news happens in Ephraim, these are the people to call.

Will Barney is our lead editor and president. An English major, Will hosts a horror movie night once a week in his apartment.

Emily Suckow is our Online Editor, Manager of Social Media, and Will’s assistant. She is majoring in Communications, emphasizing in Public and Cultural Relations. Emily plays the oboe, English Horn, and flute.

Jordan Bumgardner is our Sports Editor. He is a returned missionary, and he is majoring in Communications.

Kaitlyn Bown is self-proclaimed Layout Queen of the paper. Majoring in Communication and Journalism, Kaitlyn can easily be enraged by the chomping of gum.

Katrina Christensen works alongside Kaitlyn as Layout Princess. She is a Communications major, and she can’t handle the sound of metal against metal.

Lauren Anderle is in charge of our Club Page and covers the Snow College Theatre Department. A Public Relations major, Lauren has played the harp for 15 years and is the only girl in the middle of five children.

Alyssa Brunson assists in the layout and design of the paper. She is majoring in Business Marketing, and has broken her left arm three times in the same spot.

Savannah Palmer is our Photo Editor and Advertisement Saleswoman. She is double majoring in Communication Sciences (emphasizing in Journalism) and Anthropology. Savannah is a manager at the Temple View Lodge in Manti.

Our final person on Senior Staff is Ileana Brown. Ileana manages the back page and photography. Majoring in Communications, Ileana has been to too many countries to count and loves learning Japanese. She is obsessed with horror movies, and her left ear sticks up like an elf.

Junior staff starts out with Marshall Tovar. Marshall’s eyes change color based on the shirt he is wearing, and he is majoring in Communications.

Brynnlee Nelson is a Photography major who also has eyes that change color. Her eyes are naturally grey, but can change to green and blue.

Kennedy Peterson is an English major, and her toenails must be painted all the time. If the polish chips, the nails get repainted.

DJ Harris is a Radio Broadcasting major, and he is director of news, sports, and music for the KAGE. DJ has his own radio show, DJ’s Radical Show, on Thursday nights from 10 pm – 12 am. He can also be a little bit of a narcissist.

Seirra Steele hasn’t yet decided on a major. She worked construction for a summer, and is very involved in Western Swing here at Snow.

Last, but certainly not least, is Karissa Smith. Karissa is a Business major who was recently living in the Virgin Islands.

These are the people to call when news happens. Don’t be afraid to stop them on campus and report your most recent news findings.

Emily Suckow is a twenty year-old sophomore at Snow College. She grew up in South Jordan and graduated from Bingham High School in 2014. Being well-to do in the oboe, flute, and English horn, she was drawn to Snow for their four-year music major program, but has since switched her major and is pursuing a degree in Public Relations at this time. Emily spent her sophomore year at Snow College as Webmaster and Vice President of the Snowdrift, Snow College's student newspaper. When she was 13, Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but is currently cancer-free and loving life.

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