Giftwrapping Takes on Nationals

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After narrowly pulling ahead in Snow’s latest match up against the favored Utah State University, Volleyball and Soccer aren’t the only teams taking home a championship this year.

The Badger Gift Wrapping team has really outdone themselves this season, beating out big teams such as Salt Lake CC, Dixie State, Utah State Eastern and most recently Utah State University.

“It was a huge win for us. With this regional championship we’ll move on to nationals and fight to make a name for ourselves” said player Buddy the Elf following their match on friday night.

With a tough season behind them suffering losses to both Utah University and Southern Utah, Snow climbed the leaderboard beating out the number one teams the region had to offer. 

“Time and precision is crucial in this sport. Small mistakes and mere seconds can make all the difference in the world to these athletes fighting to perfectly wrap any size or shaped gift,” mentions Coach Rainholds in an exclusive interview before the regional championship matchup.

While Snow’s gift wrapping team still sees themselves as an up and coming threat to the sport, the team has a long way to go. Spending nearly half of their weeks traveling to compete and countless hours training. It doesn’t take long for these students to get recruited to D1 programs either, making retention of key players difficult.

The Badgers fly out Christmas week to North Pole, Alaska to compete in the national holiday games for their first title against the number one ranked teams in America. Snow TV will be broadcasting for the whole student body to watch and cheer from home.

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