What Girls Wish Guys Knew

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 Photo by Alex Doucette.

Photo by Alex Doucette.

Supposedly, it is a fact that girls are more dramatic than guys, but maybe girls are just misunderstood. There are just some things that girls wish guys knew. What are they?

The girls from Snow Garden’s Apartment C2 say, “I wish guys knew that cockiness is not attractive. When guys are genuinely nice to everyone we notice. Chivalry isn’t dead! We do notice things like when guys hold the door for us. Little things like that can mean the most. Same with smiling. Guys that smile a lot are very attractive.” Keep smiling boys! Being an honestly nice guy who is happy doesn’t go unnoticed.

Meghan Roden says, “I wish they knew that, number one, I am available. And number two, I wish they understood that not every girl is crazy. Some of us are honest and straightforward and don’t play mind games.” Some girls may ‘act crazy’, but guys, every girl is different. Just because you have had one crazy girl in your life doesn’t necessarily mean the next girl will be the same way.

More advice comes from three roommates, Carynn Duke, McCall Strong, and Callee Marshall. They said, “I wish guys would understand when to come on strong and when to back off. Also, when girls say they’re ‘fine’, they’re not. The only time we’re fine is if we don’t use that word.” Sometimes girls are cryptic, but if you pay attention, guys, you can read the signs and know how to react.

So it may seem that girls really are more dramatic than guys, but maybe that’s not true.

“Girls do take things more seriously than guys,” Lexi Turpin says. “We tend to overthink things, but boys can definitely be dramatic too. Even though they don’t tend to overthink things, they take stuff to heart easier. They’re just better at hiding their drama.” Guys just have the common stereotype on their side. Guys can also be very dramatic!

A lot of the problems that guys have is being too concerned with what they’re doing right or wrong. When it comes down to it, guys, just try to be genuinely nice and understanding, and above all, be yourself! It’s never your responsibility to change who you are for a girl.

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