Going Big or Going Home at Mardi Gras

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On Tuesday, February 25, Snow College celebrated their Shrove Tuesday through the Mardi Gras party. Put on by Student Life, Snow’s Mardi Gras activity consisted of bingo, a photo booth, drinks, and gambling games. For a taste of history, Snow carried on the tradition of King Cake by providing a free piece of cake for everyone. 

Snow College students playing a hand of pocker at Mardi Gras activity. Photo by McKale Tolley

Brahm Briggs, a student stated, “Mardi Gras means party mas” and party students did. The GSC was decorated and lights were dimmed to create a fun atmosphere setting the mood for games to be played ranging from bingo to roulette. People went big and others went home. Alex Wall, a Badger stated, “ I was extremely disappointed in the manner of which the game of bingo was being played. They didn’t let me win!” 

Games were not the only activities provided. They had something for everyone and Q Drake, a Snow student said, “I enjoyed many of the various festivities offered in the GSC; however, the most exciting of these was the photo booth. Loads of fun!” If the activities weren’t fitting anyone’s fancy tables were set up for Badgers to gather and converse. 

Overall, the Mardi Gras activity provided an eventful night for students. Rhiannon West, a Badger said, “It was a blasteroni!” Other students hope to have more activities like this. Logan Hill, a student stated, “Mardi Gras activity was sick! They put on a great party and I had a ton of fun. I hope there are more parties like that to come!”

Badgers can enjoy the activities that Snow provides and can make new experiences with friends and roommates.

Danielle Pidcock is a student at Snow college working towards a degree in journalism. She chose journalism for her love of writing and how it can impact people. With her words she hopes to influence people for the better and one day help them live life to their best ability.

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