Government Re-Opens

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Toursits are excited in the re-opening of the Arches since it's closure during the government shutdown. Photo by McKade Cox

Toursits are excited in the re-opening of the Arches since it’s closure during the government shutdown. Photo by McKade Cox

With the government back in business, will there be changes, or  will things still be the same?

On October 1, 2013, the United States Government was shut down. Because of the shutdown, , many funded government programs were also closed off. The majority of the national monuments were closed to the public.

After sixteen days of arguing, the U.S. Government reopened on October 18, after politicians were able to come up with a budget deal and raise the debt limit from 16.7 trillion.

The re-opening of the government has  its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that many people will be heading back to work and national monuments that attract many tourists from all over the world will be re-opened..

In an article recently written by NPR (national public radio), some government funded programs will be a little bit harder to restart… An Alabama geologist who conducts research in Antarctica says that research will be delayed after having to shut down for sixteen days. One of the disadvantages to having the government shut down for a long period.

Many of the government aide programs were shut down as well. Here in Utah, and across the US, the big one that hit home was WIC (Women Infant Children). As many as 65,000 Utahns depend on this government-funded program, another disadvantage to government shutdown.

Now as congress is heading back to work, Americans hope to see many changes. In an article by the Washington Post, President Obama stated, “With the shutdown behind us and budget committees forming, we now have an opportunity to focus on a sensible budget that is responsible, that is fair, and that helps hard working people all across the country.”

Those who were not working for the sixteen days are expected to be paid for those days.

While not everyone agrees on the new budget limit, many hope that there are some positive changes. for better or for worst.

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