Government Want’s Control Over Student Vaccination’s

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Federal Government tries to pass laws about vaccines. Photo Courtesy of Encyclopedia Kids

Federal Government tries to pass laws about vaccines. Photo Courtesy of Encyclopedia Kids

Doctors offices and health clinics around the nation are prepared to vaccinate children and adults alike, but the busiest time of year for them, is in preparation of a new school year.

Starting in the 1970’s, there were seven recommended vaccines for children going into school. Now all 50 States require immunizations for children before entering into a school.

In 2014, all 50 States allowed medical vaccine exemption, 48 States allowed religious exemption, and 17 States allowed personal exemption. Now, as of June 2016, Government is trying to pass a law that will only exempt these vaccines for medical reasons. California, Mississippi, and West Virginia have already passed these laws, the bill is being held in Utah legislature for revising.

The struggle behind the Student Immunization Bill is in the balance between the scientific proof of these vaccines helping in prevention of diseases, and the scientific proof of the vaccines numerous side effects due to copious amounts of mercury being injected into infant and children bodies. Also the rights of parents vs. public good. Right now there are 54 recommended vaccines for children, less however are required for children entering new school years.

In a discussion with Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, on the subject of private rights vs. public good, where Supreme Court Justice Holmes was quoted to have said, “the right to swing my fist ends where the other mans nose begins.” which was then expounded to the right to choose our own course, and the right to inflict those choices on others.

This is surely a debate that will not end soon.

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