Graduates reflect on time at Snow

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Graduation brings a new chapter in life for those moving on but also offers graduates a chance to reflect on the impact of their Snow College experience.

Saturday May 4, 2019 will mark the end of an era for many students. For some, the commencement ceremony brings excitement as they look to the future. For others it brings satisfaction of completing a task of paramount importance. The experience is different for every person but many students agree that Snow has made a big impact in their lives.

A successful college experience can be different for everyone. Many students say it involves accomplishing goals and making friends. This was the case for soon to be Snow College graduate who enjoyed here time on campus. “I love(d) Snow so much because it has provided me with lifelong friends and offering me classes with knowledgeable professors,” she remarked, “in a word, it’s been awesome.” While she is sad to leave she is very grateful for her time here.

Other students have noted a much more personal impact that attending school at Snow College has made on them. JJ, a student, recounted “Ever since my mom passed away, there’s been something missing.” He continued explaining, “becoming close friends with Denise T. (a Snow College staff member) has helped me fill that void and made me who I am today.” Clearly, Snow College has helped it’s students reach their potential.

Snow College has left its mark on many students. “Snow really changed my life,” soon to be Utah State Aggie, Jaylen Warren said. “It helped me change and develop into a better man.” The effect of Snow can be different for every person, whether it is making friends, academic success or changing a student’s life for the better. Whatever the way, one thing stands clear, the Spirit of Snow College lives on in every Badger.

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