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Snow College’s 2020-21 academic school year is coming to an end, for some this means their college experience is complete as well.
Some badgers are choosing to end their college experience with their associates, and others are graduating with their associates and moving on to another university to get their bachelor’s degree and so on.
A couple of those graduating from Snow College this spring share their advice about Snow College and also mention a few of their favorite memories.
Lydia Montague has attended Snow College for the past two years. Montague shares, “I chose to go to Snow College primarily for the volleyball program and was planning on leaving after one year, but decided to stay and finished my associate degree because it honestly felt like home.”
Montague has been a part of many volleyball success stories such as winning the 2019 region championship and taking second place in nationals. Montage shares this piece of advice, “definitely focus on academics and get good grades, but balance that with fun. College is a blast and it doesn’t always have to be stressful, as long as you balance your time well.”
Faith Ward attended Snow College during the 2018-19 school year then served an LDS mission and returned back to Snow for the 2020-21 school year. Ward shares, “I chose to go to Snow College because I felt like it was a great in-between of high school and a university. I’ve enjoyed my time at Snow, but it’s time to move on to the next chapter of my life.”
Ward also shares some advice for Badgers, “plan out all the things you need to do for the next four semesters. Have an idea of where you are going so you can get things done. Also, make sure to balance electives and required classes so you aren’t overwhelmed. This way you can have classes that you look forward to going to.”
This isn’t the end of the road for progressing for these graduate’s lives. There can be a lot to look forward to while attending Snow College, and there can also be a lot to look forward to after graduation.

Kaylie Webster is currently attending Snow College and hopes to attain her Associate's in Science. While at Snow, Webster is also hoping to get her Communication certificate which is one of the reasons she is apart of the SnowDrift Newspaper. After Spring of 2021 Webster will be graduating and heading off to Utah Valley University to work towards her Bachelor's in Human Resource Management.

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