Great Hiking Places Around Ephraim

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Looking for some wilderness adventures to keep yourself occupied in the small town of Ephraim? Well look no further! There are so many great hiking trails in and around Ephraim that are perfect for college students. Here is a list of some of the best places around Snow to go hiking.
Box Canyon Waterfall In Maple Canyon – Maple canyon has so many great trail heads, and is located near fountain Green. This trail requires a person to maneuver around and over big rocks, and also leads to a waterfall. A cool thing about this trail is that hikers can keep going past the waterfall. There are ropes secured into the rocks that allow people to climb over the waterfall and continue hiking. Virgil Ash, who teaches outdoor classes at Snow College, commented on the Box Canyon trail. Ash said, “It really gets pretty up in there. There isn’t much vegetation low, but when you get above the waterfall you start to get into trees and ferns that are four feet tall. It’s really pretty.”
Jimmy’s Fork In Ephraim Canyon – A ways up Ephraim canyon is a trail called Jimmy’s Fork. Near the beginning of this trial there is a gate that can easily be opened. Through the gate, the trail continues through endless rows of Aspen trees. There are many interesting carvings in these trees. It has even been said that Ted Bundy’s name can be found carved into some of these Aspens. Could one be from the infamous serial killer himself? It still remains a mystery. After the trail goes through the trees, it goes in and out of open meadows with beautiful views from above Ephraim. It is a great hike that ends at Willow Creek Road.
Hiking to the “S”- Hiking to the famous “S” on the side of Ephraim’s mountain is a must for Snow College students. The trailhead for this hike is located in Ephraim Canyon. At the mouth of the canyon a hiker would take the first available left. There is a water station at the beginning of the trailhead, which acts as a trail marker letting hikers know they are going the right way. The trail after this is well marked, so becoming lost is not a concern. In regards to the trail, Colby Stevens, a student at Snow College said, “It’s a pretty steep hike, and there aren’t many switchbacks.” Stevens went on to say that the view from the top is really great.
Getting outdoors is a great and healthy thing that college students should do more often. Exercising helps in dealing with stress, and that is something that college students go through on a daily basis.

Chantell Phipps is from Tremonton Utah. She is currently in her second year at Snow College. She wants to continue her education studying marine biology. She enjoys watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Her favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter chocolate. Her dream is to travel to Australia and go shark cage diving.

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