Great Times at the Bluegrass Club

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Bows speedily play an old tune over dusty fiddle strings, boots tapping on a wooden floor, such is the iconic atmosphere of bluegrass music.

Velden Noyes and Abby Bradshaw sing the song "Wagon Wheel" at Bluegrass Club practice.  Photo taken by Adam Allred

Velden Noyes and Abby Bradshaw sing the song “Wagon Wheel” at Bluegrass Club practice.
Photo taken by Adam Allred

The Snow College Bluegrass Club takes on the challenge of playing one of Americas’ oldest and most traditional genres of music. Since they first started in Fall of 2016, the aim of the Bluegrass club has been to give students opportunities to play bluegrass music together.

Bluegrass music originates from musical reels that Irish settlers introduced to the eastern states. The name “bluegrass” comes from a type of grass in Kentucky that grows in with a blueish hue. This music generally involves stringed instruments such as the banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass. For decades, bluegrass has stood as a musical genre that people could play in their homes due to the accessibility of its instruments.

The Bluegrass Club aims to brings that feeling of heritage to those that participate. Tessa Hancock, pennywhistle player for the club, said “my favorite part about Bluegrass Club is the nostalgia. I always played bluegrass with my family. The music really soothes me and makes me feel at home wherever I am.”   The genre of bluegrass music has been carried on by popular musical groups such as Ryan Shupe and Nickel Creek.

The Bluegrass club anticipates their first performance at the Solid Rock Cafe’s “Open Mic Night” on March 9th. They will be playing 5 songs for the performance. To master unity in their sound, the Bluegrass Club meets every Tuesday night at 5pm to practice.

Upright bass player Bridget McBride told about what happens at practice, “when you show up, you just grab your instrument and just dive right in. Usually the chords are written on the board, and we run through the songs a couple of times. And then of course, we eat afterward!”


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