GRIT Center Gains Campus Awareness

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Want to win $500? If you have a business idea, you can now submit your ideas to a contest at Snow College’s new GRIT Center for Rural Entrepreneurship. The center is located in the north east end of the business building, and features soft chairs and innovative thinking.

The winners of the Opportunity Quest show off their prize winnings. Photo by Lexie McCormick

The acronym GRIT stands for Grassroots, Resourceful, Innovative, and Tenacious. This new club is centered around entrepreneurial business via these principles, and is led by a diverse group of students. The growing business program at Snow is an excellent feeder for this club, as the Business Club has been internationally recognized at events and competitions across the country, the last several years in a row. On top of having a top notch business department, Snow has many students who embody the GRIT principles and are passionate about their ideas.

Last fall a big event called Opportunity Quest provided financing for competing entrepreneurs, and several students won hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their presentation and business skills.

On Friday Jan 24, 2020 GRIT held a get to know you event that revealed something exciting for this semester, a recurring contest to win $500! Russ Tanner, the staff advisor to the club says the competition is titled “Bootstrap Your Business” playing on the common term entrepreneurs use when starting off a business on your own. Jonathan Rothschild, a member of the club, mentioned that this competition will recur regularly and students can submit their ideas online. The next competition is on Feb. 27, and you can attend the Launch Lunch on Feb. 13 at 12:30 for more information.

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