What Guys Wish Girls Knew

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Photo by Alex Doucette.

Photo by Alex Doucette.

Dating is a common part of the college experience, but it can often be overwhelming. Here is some clarification for the girls of Snow that might help you land that guy you have had your eye on.

Often times, a guy will not be as keen as you might think. If you are subtle, or hinting to your crush and have not made any progress, you should try being straightforward. Guys typically do not pick up on small hints. This does not mean they are not interested in you, just that guys often need a clearer sign that it is ok to approach you if they are naturally hesitant.

It is perfectly fine for a girl to make the first move. Most guys would love it if a girl showed this kind of interest in them first. It may feel awkward for a short time, but this is definitely the quickest and most surefire way to get an answer out of your crush.

Now enough of talking about the girls doing all the work, let’s talk about how a girl can attract a guy.

Remember that the simplest way to catch a guy’s attention is to smile and make eye contact with them. A gesture like this is perfect because it is just a small way of sparking some attention. Courage being exemplified by the girl can make an impression on a guy, so don’t be afraid to approach your crush and start a conversation. He will appreciate seeing someone who is confident and comfortable around others.

Everyone has troubles in the dating world, so don’t let any setbacks keep you down. Love is in the air during the holidays, so use this time to go out and find that special someone.



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