Haunted House Round Two

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The Suites at Academy Square may seem like an unlikely location for a haunted house, but on October 10 and 11, the basement of the Suites was set up as a haunted house for a weekend of scaring. Snowblasters went through the haunted house on Friday, October 10 and it was open to the public on October 11. Snow College Ambassadors set up the basement and had the help of some Student Body Advocates and Resident Assistants when it came to the scaring portion.

The haunted house turned out to be more popular than expected. It was estimated that around 1,300 dollars were made at two dollars per person. Snowblasters, students, and even families from the community seemed to have enjoyed the haunted house, seeing as some people even went through it twice.

Bethany Winslow is one student who went through twice. Winslow described the haunted house as being “terrifying”. She also said, “I would recommend it to anybody who loves being scared”.

For those who want to find out for themselves how scary it is, another chance has become available. Residence Life decided to open up the haunted house on October 25 from 9 p.m. until midnight. The cost will be two dollars per person. Any student who lives on-campus will receive a discount and will only have to pay one dollar.


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