Heading Home with your Honey

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Photo courtesy of laurenmessiah.com

Photo courtesy of laurenmessiah.com

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas season, and if you have a boyfriend, it’s especially romantic. That is, until Christmas break begins. Then the question arises, should my family meet him?

That depends on how long you’ve been dating. It would not be a good idea to take a new boyfriend home to meet the family. Of course, there would be way too many questions. “How serious is your relationship?” or “How much longer are you going to date before he proposes?” or “Do you think he’s the one?” And you don’t want your poor boyfriend to get stuck in a conversation without you there, which you know is bound to happen. You don’t want to bring a new boyfriend into this kind of commitment, it’s too soon!

If you have been dating a few months and things are looking pretty serious, then be the best judge of it. If you think your boyfriend is ready to meet your entire family, then let it happen.  Your family has been curious about this “mystery person” for quite some time now, so go ahead and let them find out who it is.

However, if you don’t think your boyfriend is ready, then don’t invite him over for the holidays. You don’t want to put him in a situation that he would be uncomfortable with. Many boyfriends would agree to go even if it’s not something that they want to do.

If you have been dating him for quite some time, and you know things are getting serious, then the answer is yes, of course! Have him come over for the holidays! It’s likely that at this point in the relationship, he has already met your family anyway, and he should start to feel comfortable around them. It may be a little awkward because you know you will be asked the questions, “Are you guys thinking about marriage?” or “When is he going to propose?” but at this point in the relationship maybe you have thought about it already.

If you don’t want to answer your questioning relatives, though, don’t answer directly. Give them an answer that satisfies them, but doesn’t technically answer the question. It’s not their business if you don’t want it to be.

The Christmas holiday season is supposed to be fun. Don’t be stressed out about your family meeting your boyfriend. Just enjoy spending time with whomever you want to be with.

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