Heroes Club Service Project

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Here on campus we have a club who has gone above and beyond to help those in need. The Heroes Club recently had a service project that consisted of sending supplies to a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City. They set up baskets at all the on-campus housing lobbies. This was a great way to get the attention of students who were looking to donate, and who wanted to make a difference.

Kallie Boberg is a member of the Heroes Club and she said “Our club is brand new this semester and we have lots of ambitions and goals. We especially want our club to focus on helping others.” They were able to do this with their service they provided to the homeless. Many students donated generously to the point that almost everything didn’t fit inside the car!

This service project was just the first of many, as the club hopes on doing this again in the future. With this example of service, they have truly shown that they are the heroes that so many people need in their lives. If you are interested in being involved with a great club who has great plans for the future, the Heroes Club is a great option!

Hayden is from Gilbert, Arizona. He graduated from Higley High School in 2015. Shortly after he decided to serve a church service mission in Ghana, Africa. After serving for 2 years he decided to attend Snow College, which is were he is currently attending. He plans on majoring in communications.

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