Hiking Health Benefits

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Snow College students interested in reducing depression and getting better sleep might consider the many hiking trails Ephraim has to offer.  

Depression is most common in College students between ages 18-25. Many students struggle with depression, which leads to a lack of sleep. Hiking can aid the average Snow College student in getting better sleep and maintaining a happier state of mind.  

Alisa Hoop, Brennan Hunter, and Megan Williams hiking in Ephraim Canyon. They all loved their hike. Photo by Kellie Harrison

Hiking is also believed to lower the risk of lung, breast, and colon cancer. “Hiking keeps you in shape,” said Kaitlynn Cook, a Snow College student. Hiking exercises almost every part of the body. It exercises the muscles in legs, arms, torso, and even the neck.  

Hiking is a healthy alternative to running around the track for the millionth time, or from walking to and from classes every day. Megan Williams said, “Hiking seems like a natural, healthy way to exercise.” 

Hiking also exercises student minds. It sustains the imagination and helps create better awareness for the senses. Experts say to get these hiking benefits, only 150 minutes of exercise is needed a week. This can easily be accomplished by taking a short hike up to the S above Snow College between classes, or meeting up with friends to hike during lunch.  Hiking is a great way for freshmen to keep away the dreaded Freshman 15.  

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