Hip-Hop Crew Brings Diverse Students Together

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A diverse group of Snow College students have come together because they all share a common love for dance.

With students from Europe, Japan, and elsewhere, they have been able to see what it is like for different people with the same passion to come together through dancing.

“It really was something I have dreamt about since I was little. I knew hip-hop was my passion. I never realized how much more satisfying and powerful it was to have a group of people dancing with you that have that same love and fire in their heart,” says president Shay Krebs.

You may have seen them perform at convocations, the multicultural event, or even their flash mob from True Badger Night, but there are many more to come: “We are just looking for any opportunities that present themselves, and our goal is to be able to perform at halftime of basketball games and things like that.

So if there is anyone out there who loves to dance who might be interested in joining the Snow Krew, contact Shay Krebs for an opportunity to make new friends doing something that you love.

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