Holidays: an Opportunity for Charity

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Presents are being crossed off Christmas lists, but it is important to remember those who need extra help during the holidays. There are opportunities all around to help others, either by doing simple volunteer activities and/or donating to organizations.

As paraphrased from the article “Holiday Volunteering, Charity Ideas That Make An Impact” on the Huffington Post, there are numerous families and individuals that need help during the holiday season, but may not be able to ask for it. Those people need the help from outside sources.


Here is a list of simple things you can do this year to contribute to those in need:

Cooking dinner for a family is always a sweet gesture to those who cannot afford to have nice holiday meals. Along with that, visiting the elderly and can lighten up their holidays, because most senior citizens spend the season alone.

Stores usually have the option to donate $5, $10, or more when you are checking out your items to an organization such as the American Red Cross or St. Jude’s Hospital. This is an easy way to provide compassion for others in desperate situations. Other stores will have bins set up where you can place food, money, or even recently purchased items, and those donations will be given out to people in the community.

Charitable actions do not have to be involved with enormous companies or be extravagant. There are smaller opportunities that mean just as much as any other charity. The local food bank is an option for those who are willing to give up a few cans of food and other nonperishable items. Especially during the holidays, food banks are always accepting donations and funds to help support needy families in the community by providing easily accessible food.

Big or small, charity during the holidays counts. The thought of helping others should weigh heavily on the minds of people as they buy gifts for their friends and family.

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