Homecoming Events: The Drive-in

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Through “Rain, snow, or shine,” on April 16, the Basin Drive-in welcomed Snow College students in to watch the 2017 Jumanji for free.
In celebration of Homecoming, the week of April 12-117, Snow College was stacked with events for students to participate in some Homecoming fun. On Thursday, The Basin Drive-in was filled with students’ cars and trucks, ready to watch Jumanji with free popcorn that was offered by the SBO’s to the first 200 cars. Students have been grateful for the opportunity given to students to get out. Maggie Baller states, student, “The movie was such a fun time! loved the memories we have been able to make during homecoming week!”
Students not only brought their trucks or cars, but some brought hammocks to create a cool set up for the movie. Mitchell Tarr, student, states, “if you don’t bring hammocks and a propane fire, you’re not doing it right.”
While others were there for the free popcorn and movie treats like Halle Carpenter, student, when she says, “I;m just here for the snacks.” Others were there for the experience. Sadie Lewis, student, said, “perfect place to take a cute date and not watch the movie.” Followed by three others who had similar remarks about their experience at the drive-in.
Even though there were some technical difficulties, students were able to come out and experience the drive-in for homecoming.

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