Homecoming Parade Excites Badgers

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Snow College Ambassadors dance at Homecoming Parade. Photo courtesy of Snow College Facebook Page.

For Snow College students, the homecoming parade is one of many exciting activities that takes place during homecoming weekend, and this year’s parade was no exception. 

Due to the football game’s postponement, activities including the tailgate and parade were also delayed, but even this setback could not quench Badger excitement.

Abby King, one of the Snow College ambassadors, expressed her thoughts in regard to the execution of the parade by stating, “It was awesome. They did a really good job with it.” 

The parade showcased Snow College clubs and groups through floats. Some clubs danced, others handed out Snow gear, while most smiled and cheered.  

Caden Bailey, a member of the Business club, said “It was actually a really good experience. It was kind of fun to see ideas get melded together to create kind of like this mashup between business, Disney, and Florida and so it was pretty exciting.” 

For the Badgers involved in the parade, the effort put in was incredible. The floats showcased each group and their creative side. 

When asked about her experience preparing for the parade, King said, “so, I was on the ambassador’s team and so for the float we sewed two shirts together. So we had like a Snow College shirt and one of our high school shirts and our theme was like 25 high schools, one college, we all call it home.”

For some groups though, the part of the parade that gave them the most joy was being able to see the reactions of those watching the parade. Bailey who was a part of the Business club’s float said, “I think my favorite part was actually the little kids when their moms and dads would point out like, look it’s Mickey Mouse! I think their enjoyment was my favorite part.”

Overall, the homecoming parade was a big hit. Snow students were able to cheer for their friends and classmates while showing their school spirit. 

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