Honors Students Defend Theses

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The Honors Thesis class has completed this semester’s batch of thesis papers and will defend them before a panel in the Lorenzo and Erastus Snow room in the Noyes Building. 

As part of the Snow College Honors Program, students switch out their English 2010 class for English 2014, also known as Honors Thesis. In Thesis, each student must complete a 15-20 page research paper, which is then printed in a hardcover volume and distributed to Thesis students. In addition, these students must publicly defend their theses. 

On Wednesday, a portion of the class defended their papers on the topics of Confederate monuments, music in education, and the importance of the internal combustion engine.  

On Thursday, students will defend papers on the topics of the American flag, the United States’ influence on the Mexican drug trade, queer representation in musical theater, and the historical significance of women’s undergarments. These defenses will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

On Friday, the final portion of students will defend papers on the topics of Millennial stereotypes, the separation of women from priesthood authority in the LDS church, and the ethics of child vaccination. These defenses will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Each thesis student spent the entire semester researching, outlining, drafting, revising, and polishing their papers to lead up to their final submissions. “It really gives you a sense of accomplishment by the time you’re done,” said Andrea Call, one of the thesis students this semester. “You literally spend months working on it, but by the time you’re done, you have something you can be proud of. I’m looking forward to defending mine.” 

Any Snow College students or individuals interested in hearing the defense presentations or asking any questions of the thesis students are encouraged to attend the defenses in the Noyes building. 


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Andrea Call

Andrea Call lived her childhood in Manti, Utah, before moving to Montana, Wyoming, and finally Wisconsin. She is currently attending Snow College as an English major and will pursue a bachelor’s in English after receiving her Associate of Arts from Snow. An Honors Program participant and a skilled wordsmith, her work has been published in the Sanpete Messenger as well as Snow College’s newspaper, the Snowdrift. She plans to make her career as a book editor.

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