“Hot Rod” Hundley Passes Away

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Utah Jazz announcer "Hot Rod" Hundley passed away recently.  He is remembered for his 35 years of announcing. Photo courtesy of charlestondailymail.com

Utah Jazz announcer “Hot Rod” Hundley passed away recently. He is remembered for his 35 years of announcing.
Photo courtesy of charlestondailymail.com

For anyone who has been a long time Utah Jazz fan that heard “You gotta love it baby,” and “Stockton to Malone, and the hammer dunk,” it brings to mind one name “Hot Rod” Hundley, the longtime announcer for the Jazz. On Friday, surrounded by his family Rod “Hot Rod” Hundley passed away.
Beginning with the first game the Jazz ever played in 1974, he was the voice on both radio, and TV for 31 years and just on radio for four more, announcing a total of 3,051 games in his career. His 35 years of announcing brought life to the game for many fans, with his familiar voice and legendary quotes.

When “Hot Rod” retired in 2010, the Jazz dedicated the media center in the Energy Solutions area to him, putting up images from his career, along with hanging from the rafters a Hundley jersey to honor him. “I really think that Hot Rod was even at the level of some of the greatest players that played here.” is how former Jazz player Thurl Bailey put it.
He really loved his career, and had a special talent for what he did. He has a unique style of announcing that Jazz fans will always love. “I knew the joy he got in broadcasting. You could tell with every word he said, he put his personality behind it,” said Bailey.

After retiring, he moved to Phoenix, but would often travel back to Salt Lake to visit the people and town he loved. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago, which made it hard for him to even remember some acquaintances he had made. For most Jazz fans, “Hot Rod” won’t be soon forgotten.

On Friday, the day Hot Rod passed away, the Utah Jazz had a tribute to him, with a moment of silence to remember him. For the remainder of the season, the Jazz uniforms will have a memorial stripe in honor of “Hot Rod” Hundley.

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