How to Effectively Manage Time Better

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The life of a college student is full of adventure. From classes, to work, to social events,   sometimes it can be hard to have time for everything. Here are some time management tips. 

The first thing to try when organizing a busy schedule is determining where the priorities lie. What matters the most today? Mckenna Johnson a student at Snow College said, “I definitely think it’s hard to time manage! One thing that really helps me is writing everything I need to do in my planner and then checking things off as I go.” 

A good way to determine what is most important is to use the A, B, C system.  A level  priorities are the activities that are the most urgent.  B level  priorities include tasks that are not urgent yet but will be soon. C level priorities are tasks that are not urgent but are still on the to do list.  Then complete the tasks in order from A-C.   

The second tip  is to do the time consuming and taxing tasks first. This may sound counterintuitive at first, the goal is to accomplish more not less. Well in the long run doing the hard things first clears up to do lists faster than doing the little things first.  How? People are the most energized when starting activities on a to-do list.  Therefore, it’s important to put the heavy things at the top of the list in order to spend the majority of energy on the taxing things instead of the easy things.  Try these tips out next time the to-do list is long!

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