How to Make Your Super Bowl Party Super!

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Got the middle of winter blues? Break up the monotony with some fun this weekend with an easy and cheap Super Bowl party! The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 7.  Badgers don’t need to like football to enjoy this game! There’s food, fun, and laughs to be had for all! There are so many easy and cheap ways to spice up this weekend and enjoy time with other Badgers (ten or fewer as to follow the Covid restrictions)! Chief of Police at Snow, Derek Walk, says to double check the Snow website, and click on the covid banner to make sure that any party meets the covid safety guidelines!

For most super bowl watchers, chip dip is important for a Super Bowl party. Dip can be easy to just buy at the store, but badgers can also try a new recipe and add some pride and flavor to the snacking. Most dips require crazy ingredients that will just rot in the fridge.  This dip, however, is easy, flavorful and the fridge won’t be filled with unusable ingredients. This recipe was provided by freshman student Grace Debry who says this is a “family recipe” that her grandma makes every super bowl. Debry 

shares, “the secret is that the chili and cheese are even, but don’t tell my grandma I told you.” 

Chili Cheese Dip

One can of Chili

8oz of extra sharp cheddar cheese

2 teaspoons of hot sauce

12oz of evaporated milk

One tablespoon of cornstarch

Mix ingredients together over low heat- and serve!

Some badgers would argue that it’s not a party without decorations, but why buy decorations that are just going to get taken down? Students can have a craft night and make a banner themselves! Make a cute football banner with some brown and white construction paper, string, glue, and some clothes pins!

For those students who don’t enjoy football, Badgers can make a game out of the commercials by playing commercial bingo! Here’s how to play: make a paper with squares and fill them with any brand name.  Mark it off when that brand’s commercial comes on, first one to get a bingo wins! It will keep those who are bored interested even if they don’t like football!

This year has been a crazy one, so normal in any form can be very refreshing.  Take some time to celebrate something trivial with other Badgers! Enjoy some chips and dip and hide away from the world for a couple hours.

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