A Hypnotizing Good Time for Snow College Students

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Student Sunee Graham sings "Happy Birthday" to herself as a hypnosis act with Hypnotist Shaun Dee. Photo by Adam Allred.

Student Sunee Graham sings “Happy Birthday” to herself as a hypnosis act with Hypnotist Shaun Dee. Photo by Adam Allred.

Snow College students gathered together for a night of mystery and magic as the Hypno Hick (Shaun Dee) put on a spectacular performance welcoming students back for Spring Semester.

Twenty-two students bravely volunteered to be a part of the show. While not everyone remained in the trance, those who did had a night the audience of Snow College students will never forget, but that they themselves can’t remember.

The night started off with the Hypno Hick explaining what hypnotism is. While some people say it’s magic, it’s more of a mind game designed to blur the line between the conscious mind and the subconscious. Once that line is gone, there is a state of consciousness, but the person hypnotized is not really awake. This leaves the hypnotized person susceptible to suggestion and hypnotic prompts. The students did everything from pantomiming as if they were driving sports cars, to dancing like ballerinas, and performing two separate concerts for the rest of the student body. Sunee Grahm, one of the volunteers, said, “It was the most bizarre experience I’ve had. I don’t really remember anything except dancing at one point.”

The student section, while not hypnotized, still had quite the night. The looks on students’ faces ranged everywhere from, surprise to amazement. Much of the audience was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what command was going to be given to those hypnotized.

Snow College puts on many events like these throughout the school year. From football games, to performers of every kind, everything serves a purpose here. These activities are meant to provide the students some fun and give them opportunities to meet people. It’s a free night out to go hang out with friends, go on a fun date, or even just taking a break from schoolwork. Students are encouraged to get out and try some of these activities to have a little fun.

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