“I’m Here Because of a Snowblast”

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Considering the 3,200 students attending Snow College here at the Ephraim campus, it is curious as to why so many chose to come here. Many have found this niche college to be a gemstone discovered and saved as a precious time in their lives. 

Those included in the many that have found this beloved college are former students, professors, and even current students. Taking a specific look at the students of Snow College – those past, those here now, and those yet to come – their process in deciding to come here has greatly been influenced by events called Snow Blasts.

A Snow Blast is a two-day, overnight event here on campus where high school students can experience what it’s like to be a college student. Packed with fun and entertaining games and activities, the Snow Blast also delivers valuable information about Snow College and the scholarly opportunities offered. With the added bonus of being able to stay the night at a Student Ambassador’s apartment, it allows for the most real, pre-college experience to aid in the college decision making process.

Coming from a student currently attending Snow College, Tanner Olsen describes the impact the Snow Blast he attended had on him. Olsen stated, “I realized [Snow College is] not 100 percent focused on just academics … they realize that we’re students and people too.” Olsen continues by adding, “The school is here for the students and by doing that, that just helps us succeed and grow as people and as students, and as leaders in the future… that’s why I chose to come down to Snow College.”

In addition to the testimony from one successful and ambitious student at Snow, another informant, rich with Snow College spirit, is the driving force of the Snow Blasts. As the advisor over the student Ambassadors, Jill Trythall discusses the impact these events have on potential students. She shared the following: “By using some data and over the years with experience with the snow blast we’ve found by getting students to come to campus and experience it first hand is a huge selling point. You can go and talk to them all you want in their environment but once you get them down here it becomes reality and they can see everything that we’ve told them come to life.” 

Trythall explains further, “So we can tell them, ‘We love the atmosphere here, people are friendly, there are small class sizes, it’s so much fun.’ But until you actually experience it, you don’t actually understand. It’s kind of like Disneyland, you know people can tell you, ‘Disneyland is so fun! We love Disneyland!’ But until you actually go and experience it, you really can’t understand and relate and connect. So, that’s what Snow Blasts do, it allows us to make Snow College come alive. It helps them connect to campus so that they can actually see themselves attending school here. It becomes a reality.”

Trythall shared with us some valuable statistics about the success overall from these Snow Blasts. “We’ve found that 50-60 percent of those that attend snow blasts attend Snow College, which are pretty significant numbers for events that we do across the state as far as recruiting events. [Snow Blasts have] our highest yield turn out.” With the success Snow College has received from these events, a call to all students to reach out to those they know who are getting ready to go to college and invite them to these Snow Blasts.

As a concluding message, Trythall adds to the efficacy of this invitation with encouraging and hopeful words: “We’re very influenced by our friends and there’s the whole ‘FOMO’ or ‘Fear of missing out.’ So if a friend has been to a Snow Blast and talks highly about it and encourages somebody else and another friend to come, you’re more likely to come than if a stranger saying, ‘hey come to Snow Blast,’ or getting the flyer in the mail that says, ‘Come to the Snow Blast.’ But when somebody personally reaches out and says ‘Hey, it’s so fun I’ve been, you’re gonna love it,’ then you’re way more likely to attend.”

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