Infinity Train’s Last Season

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Infinity Train, the cartoon made by some of the same creators of Regular Show, is coming to an end with its last season, “Book Four”.
Infinity Train follows a girl named Tulip in “Book One”, who wants to go to a Video Game camp but ends up not being able to go due to her father forgetting to pick her up.
The show hits on difficult topics like divorce because in “Book One” Tulip deals with a lot of anger from her parent’s divorce. Tulip ends up finding herself on a train with an infinite amount of cars that she can not get off. On her adventure on the train, she meets a small round robot named One-One and a talking corgi named Atticus, who join her on her quest to get off the train. The train puts a number on their hands, which as they learn more about themselves. Once they are able to forgive people around them the number begins to go down, and they end up getting off the train.
“Book Four”, also known as, “Duet”, aired on April 15 and is able to be watched on HBO Max. “Book Four” follows childhood best friends, Min-Gi and Ryan, who had a dream of being in a band and travelling to Canada. However, a fight splits the two apart and they both find themselves on the Infinity Train. There are ten episodes in the season, and some believe it is exciting for regular viewers of the show.

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