What Institutes Students Transfer to After Snow College

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With the end of the semester coming up, some of Snow College’s beloved sophomore students are transferring to four-year universities to continue their higher education.

Where do Snow College students transfer after receiving their degree from Snow? A report done by Beckie Hermansen, Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness for Snow, shows that the top five schools students transfer to are Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Salt Lake Community College, Southern Utah University, and Weber State University.

The report includes transfers from not only this year, but over the past few years. Students have transferred to over 500 institutions across the nation. These institutions include but are not limited to Radford University, University of California – Berkeley, University of Hawaii, Boise State University, and many other top-tier institutes.

Where he was transferring, Snow College sophomore, Luke McIllwain said, “I decided to transfer to UVU because they have a great Exercise Science degree, which will help me get into a good physical therapy program. It seems like a really great school with something for everybody, and they always seem to be making strides to improve the quality of their students’ experience at UVU.”

Incoming sophomores are advised to begin looking at what universities they want to apply to after Snow College if they wish to continue their higher education or consider staying at Snow College and receive a Bachelors of Music degree. This incoming fall semester, Snow College is also offering a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering for students who are interested.

The options for post-associate degree colleges and universities are endless. Opportunities are available all across the nation as noted above. With that being said, work hard and finish strong Badgers!


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