International Food Comes to the Badger Den

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Photo by Ryan Hull

Photo by Ryan Hull

Snow College holds an International Food Festival every April, but this year there will be more opportunities for Snow College students to enjoy a variety of international foods throughout the year. Once a month, the cafeteria will be serving foods for from different countries for lunch. The food will be available starting at 11:00 and will be sold until it is gone. The food can be bought just like any other food in the Badger Den.

On Wednesday, October 29, African food was served. Several Congolese students helped by providing the cafeteria with a list of what would be needed and directions for how to prepare each dish. Becky Adams said, “we made enough for 100 servings, and it was gone within an hour, so it was really successful,” she continued to say, “I think everyone liked it because it was something different.”

November 19 will be the next opportunity to buy international food in the Badger Den. The Polynesian club will be helping to provide authentic Polynesian food. Starting in January, international food will be served on the last Wednesday of every month. In January, the food will be inspired by Chinese and Korean cuisine. Japanese food will be served in February, and March will consist of foods from Saudi Arabia. Vietnamese food will be available in April.

According to the Center for Global Engagement, the purpose of providing foods from different countries is to offer something different in the cafeteria, to spread diversity on campus, and to raise awareness of the different countries that are have represented here at Snow College. Any student who would like to be involved in the process of making a dish from their native country is welcome to go to the Center for Global Engagement for more information.

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