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On August 26, Israel and Palestine had reportedly agreed to a ceasefire in their ongoing
war. Though thousands of miles away, the effects of this truce had Snow College student’s
talking about hope for a peaceful future.
International students have traveled thousands of miles, from a variety of countries, to study
in Ephraim. One such student, Aisha Yassin, from Nazareth, Israel, brings an intimate
perspective regarding this issue.
“It is sad to think that so many people have become used to this violence,” stated Aisha,
“thousands of people die every week, but it’s been going on for so long that these victims
are seen as just numbers.”
The conflict is based in Israel; however, international students from other countries have
been affected by this conflict; one student has even had friends who lost their lives in this
long-standing war.
The issue traces back thousands of years, but ultimately it is a war of religion. A debate
over land has been a source of conflict for decades. Regardless of who’s right, students at
Snow who have classes with these international students have been given a new
perspective on this conflict.
Kellon Izatt, a student at Snow, is taking a social problems class with a few Middle Eastern
international students. “We have a varied class. About half of the students are from out of
state and some are from other countries,” said Izatt.
Studying along with international students brings new perspective to the classroom. Kellon
went on to explain, “It is interesting to hear about the conflict and different issues the
international students have experienced that I’ve never even thought about.”
Though the conflicts in the Middle East don’t always directly affect students at Snow, being
aware of international issues may be helpful in eventually working globally toward peace.

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