International Student Spotlight

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Guilherme Ramos is enjoying Snow College. Photo Courtesy of Michaela Dutson and Guilherme Ramos

Guilherme Ramos is enjoying Snow College.
Photo Courtesy of Michaela Dutson and Guilherme Ramos

Snow College has international students from more than 25 different countries. They are all experiencing a whole new culture but question some of the differences. “I have the best job in the world – I get to make friends from all over the world”, Admissions Assistant Becky Adams says.  
In the late 1990’s, Snow College had a total of 270 international students. Normally, the school is hosting between 100-150 international students each year and this year; students from more than 25 different countries are represented at Snow College. These students bring their culture to campus and question parts of the American culture.  
Fabiana Lauf is from Germany, and AneUnhu Gwatidzo is from Zimbabwe. They both chose to come to Snow College because of the good reputation of the music program. They both like good food, and they have grown up eating healthy and nutritious food. When they came to America, they got a little disappointed. Food in the United States does not taste the same way as it does in Europe or Zimbabwe, they say. AneUnhu comes up with his opinion: “The food is too processed, and it does not taste fresh from what I am used to”. Fabiana explains how the school is different from Germany. “In America, the school is more focused on having fun and doing school on the side whereas in Germany, the school is mostly focused on the knowledge – all the time”.  
Guilherme Ramos is from Brazil, and he chose Snow College because it was one of the few two-year colleges that would offer him the chance to start working on his major, which is modern languages. Guilherme explains how the school is free in his home country, and he is being backed up by both Fabiana and AneUnhu that all think it is unfair and questionable that students have to pay that much in America to get their education when it is free in so many other countries. “All the Americans I have been [speaking] to have complained about the cost of studying at a university”, AneUnhu says.        
With students from more than 25 different countries, Snow College has a variety of international students that all contribute to campus with their own culture – but it still leaves them questioning some of the things from the American culture. 

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