International Student’s Opinion

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Professors start with the typical getting-to-know-you questions of ‘where are you from?’ ‘What’s something unique about you?’ and inevitably, ‘Why are you here at Snow?’ This is true, even for students at Snow who are involved in the large global engagement program.

When asked what could make Snow College better, Seihyun Yun from South Korea responded, “If Snow had more international students!” and Huan Tsao from Taiwan agrees, “I like the people. Everyone is really nice.”

Xinqi Lai, an international student from China says, “I love it because it’s kinda like a really, really nice high school. It’s not like a huge campus where nobody knows each other, but it’s [also] not like high school with all the snobby kids.” As Snow offers more than twenty ESL (English as a second language) classes at four different levels, students gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences of culture.

Snow has a reciprocal program with Otemon Gakuin University which enables students from Japan to come to school here, and Snow students to study in Japan. When asked about the differences, one student involved in the program, Manae Izuhara, says, “First of all, the size of everything, it’s huge here. Everything’s big, even the people. Also, in Japan we take off our shoes to get in the house, here you don’t. Even the toilets are weird.”

Even though our toilets may be weird and many things seem supersized to some, Diego Valencia from Ecuador says, “Snow is a good place to learn what to improve when at a big university.” The international opinion, national ratings, and students agree, Snow is a pretty great place to get an education.

Now, when answering the typical getting-to-know-you questions, maybe people will pay more attention to other’s answers of where they’re from, why they’re here, to really understand what makes them so unique.

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