Intramurals: How to Get Involved 

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Wallyball intramural teams Wakanda and Lang Lois play each other in an exciting match. 
Intramural sports have become a huge pastime for Snow College Students
Photo by Jacob Clawson

Intramural sports are a great way for Snow College students to get involved with other students, be active, and play sports they love in a fun laid back environment!  

As spring semester rolls in, so does all the fun and games of intramural sports! This deems the question, what are they? Intramural Sports is a bunch of organized games such as basketball, flag football, or volleyball. These games are organized and put on during the week for students to bring their teams and compete against others in an epic tournament! Winners of each tournament receive t-shirts from the intramural coordinator Carol Green.  

Those who are involved with intramural sports really enjoy them and encourage anyone to join in on the fun! Mikayla Miyasaki said “everyone should do intramural sports because it’s a great way to meet people and get your mind off of school for a little bit. It’s also way fun because if you played certain sports in high school, it gives you that chance to play them again in a somewhat competitive environment.”   

For any questions about intramural sports, head on over to the Horne Activity Center to Carol Greens office to get details about any new sports and tournaments that are coming up and how you can join a team and get involved!

Kierstyn Christiansen is a sophomore at Snow College. She was born and raised in the small town of Garland, Utah. She graduated from Bear River High School in 2017. After Snow College she is planning on attending Southern Utah University in the fall of 2019 studying and majoring in Communications. Her sophomore year of college she joined the SnowDrift, where she works as a journalist and a design and layout editor. She enjoys sports and being outdoors but she also really loves reading and watching movies. She loves listening to music and going to concerts. She is a very sweet and outgoing person and plans to be successful in her life.

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