Intramurals sporting new ways to have fun

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Lucky Snow-Ballers vs Code Red

Lucky Snow-Ballers vs Code Red

Intramural sports are a fun way to interact with students, faculty, and staff on campus. Signups are available for a variety of sports. Some sports are expected such as sand volleyball, dodgeball, and racquetball. While others are a bit surprising, like ultimate Frisbee in the fall and inner tube water polo in the spring.

This semester’s Intramural Sports have already begun with the sand volleyball, dodgeball, and softball games in full swing.

Snow college student, Madi Burgess remarked that the reason she decided to do an intramural sport was because, “I like sand volleyball but I’m not good enough to be on a team.”

Intramurals are offered in three divisions: men’s, women’s, and coed. Entry Forms and semester schedules can be picked up in the Intramural Office, room 102H of the Horne Activity Center. Rules meetings are in room 131 of the Activity center, only one person per team is required to be there at the beginning.

Snow College student, Ethan Warnock recounted, “I first signed up just for fun and because I really like ultimate Frisbee.” His experience with intramurals lead him to conclude, “I would 100% recommend intramurals to fellow students. It is so much fun. Plus, you meet great people, make friends, and you can find out more opportunities and future events.”

Signups are available for teams as well as for individuals wishing to be placed on a team. Teams can continue to add players for weeks after the matches start, but players may only be on one team per division.

Intramural Director, Carol Green commented, “There are some kids that play every sport.” For more information on the different sports available, make sure to check out the intramural board in the Activity Center.

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