Is Christmas Celebrated too Soon?

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Hearing Christmas songs in the middle of November is music to some people’s ears, and nails on a chalkboard to others. Is celebrating Christmas before December acceptable? Students who attend college have many different opinions on the matter. 

When asked how he felt about people celebrating christmas in November, Snow College student Geoffrey Dimond shares, “It’s annoying, but it’s more of a pet peeve. People do it so early because Christmas is such a celebrated holiday and people tend to overhype it.” This opinion is shared with many other students as well. Some people believe that Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated in any way until after Thanksgiving. Other people believe that Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 

Haley Mills, another fellow Badger has a different opinion. She shared, “I’m totally down for it. There really aren’t any decorations for Thanksgiving so I think it’s okay to start decorating early.” This responses were similar to other students who were asked the same question. Another student, Morgan Huntington, answered with, “I start listening to Christmas music in September.” Some people like to get into the Christmas spirit earlier than others, but everyone has their own opinion on the matter.

With these two polar opposite opinions about when it is appropriate to celebrate Christmas, it’s important to remember the spirit of the Holidays. It doesn’t matter if a person sets up their Christmas tree in October or December. Christmas time is about many things. Some of these things being: giving to other people, spending time with loved ones, and being thankful. Not to mention that Chrismtas time also brings forth new beginnings and fresh starts with the new year just around the corner. 

Chantell Phipps is from Tremonton Utah. She is currently in her second year at Snow College. She wants to continue her education studying marine biology. She enjoys watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Her favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter chocolate. Her dream is to travel to Australia and go shark cage diving.

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