Is Youtube a Real Career, or Just Funny Videos?

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Remember in 2017 when Jake Paul and Team 10 made that video “It’s Everyday Bro?” Remember how it got more dislikes than likes in less than a month? YouTube, a couple years ago was something that was gawked at and viewed as comedy. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of people who make a living off of YouTube.

 The Dolan Twins earned 5 million dollars in the year 2019. In an article by, it reported that the Twins got around 700,000 views a day which is the same as 3,500 dollars, all from ad revenue. 

Photo courtesy of Dane Robertson

Not only is it based on views and ad revenue, but the amount of watch time. “It is crazy to think how far YouTube has gone as a platform,” says 22 year-old Kyler Campbell. “I remember when it was just the original guys like Pewdiepie and Filthy Frank, now every single person has a channel.” 

“It came out of nowhere really, because back in the day it was a place to watch music videos and funny stuff, now everyone is on it. They’ll show everything from how to wear a suit the proper way, to cooking with famous people,” Kyle Hanke, a student at Snow College says. Hanke continues with, “I think it’s a job anyone would like because you get to film stuff you like to do. I know I’d just do sports stuff and show that to the world.” 

What seemed like a website for comedy, has now turned into a real life job.

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