It’s Time to Register for Classes

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Ethan Ostler registering for the Fall 2022 semester. Photo by Lillian Wade.

Many students are trying to figure out how to register for classes. It may seem stressful for some especially if it is their first year at college. Registration opens at different times depending on what year of school you are in. 

One thing to remember that is so important is to register as soon as possible. Classes fill up fast. And you will not be able to get into certain, more popular classes. So the most important thing to remember while registering is to do it early and do not wait. If you do not know what kind of classes you need to be taking or how to set up a schedule, Snow College has amazing student advisors that love to help the students get classes that work for them and that they will be happy with. It is very easy to set up an appointment with advisors. If you want to contact the Ephraim office, visit the Greenwood Student Center, room 241, or you can call (435)283-7313, or email And for the Richfield advising office you can visit the administration building in room 107, or call (435) 893-2211, or email One thing to remember when registering for classes is that there are two campuses. One in Ephraim and one in Richfield. The classes will have information by them to show which campus it is taught at. If it has an M by it, those classes are taught at the main campus here in Ephraim. If it has an R by it, then those classes are taught at the Richfield campus. 

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