Jamesthemormon Preforms Concert at Snow College

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Homecoming week and the events that accompany it at Snow College bring more excitement to campus than usual. One of these events was the Jamesthemormon concert on Thursday the 13th.

The concert started at six o’clock with performances from some other hip hop artists that accompany James to his concerts. The concert lead off with Na-G, Frank Zoo, and Jay Warren. Throughout the first couple hours, different prizes were raffled away, which helped get the crowd involved.

Jamesthemormon came on stage at around 8:30 to start his performance. When James came on stage, a huge applause came from the crowd of Snow College students. James performed his hits: ‘Workin” feat (David Archuleta), “Tellin you Y,” and “Motivation.

One thing that made this concert special was James’s ability to get the fans involved in the concert. On one occasion he brought about 20 people on stage to do the popular “JuJu on that Beat” challenge. Another time, he invited every student on stage that wanted to come up.

Jamesthemormon is a well-known artist in the state of Utah, and has performed at BYU

multiple times, and has 99,615 monthly subscribers on Spotify. His song “Workin” has over 608,646 downloads on Spotify. It was an amazing experience having him come to Ephraim, and it was great to see how he interacted with the fans after the event.

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