Why is Jennifer Bigelow Important? 

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Jennifer Bigelow is the Administrative Assistant for the IT department. During a normal work day, she is answering phones and getting to know many students and professors.

Snow College student, Seth Robertson said, “Jennifer is great! She’s there to greet you with a big smile when you walk into the IT office.”

Jennifer’s favorite part about working at Snow College is the people. Jennifer says, “The people are considerate, helpful, and most of all, they’re fun.” There are many reasons why Jennifer chose Snow College to work at, but one of them is, “the educational atmosphere. It is also one of the best places.”

Jennifer’s cheerfulness is not the only thing her coworkers are raving about. Chief Information Officer, Phil Allred said, “Jennifer is the best admin ever. There is not a task given to her that she can’t handle.”

Ron Bradley, Syst. Admin. Technical Services, agrees, “She is so good at completing what is asked of her.”

Jennifer also received an education at Snow College. Like many students, she liked “the small class sizes and the student- teacher relationships. At big universities, the professors don’t even know their students name, Snow College is the opposite. Students can have one on one conversations and help from their professors.”

Snow College students should take a visit to the IT office on the third floor of the Lucy Phillips Building and get acquainted with Jennifer Bigelow and find out what makes her special to Snow College.

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