Job Hunting with Career Services

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Hannah Wight, Ryan Worwood, Callee Marshall, and Carynn Duke working hard at the AC.  Photo courtesy of Hannah Branch

Hannah Wight, Ryan Worwood, Callee Marshall, and Carynn Duke working hard at the AC. Photo courtesy of Hannah Branch

Finding a job can be difficult for a college student in a small town like Ephraim, but for those who know where to look for help, the Career Services program can be a miracle.

The Snow College Career Services program got its start in 2011 when Lisa Laird joined as the current Career Services manager. The state of the Career Services program before Laird’s arrival was a vague involvement with students. Federal organizations, like the Department of Workforce Services, assisted students in getting part-time jobs, but without the personal involvement that comes with the program today. Laird herself said, “It didn’t exist, really. It had existed in other forms. The Department of Workforce Services did offer a part time presence years and years ago, and they would help students find part time jobs, and that was pretty much it.”

One problem Laird says faces the program is student awareness. According to Laird, this semester there were 500 available on-campus jobs, and the Career Services received 2,508 individual applications. While that may seem to be a high number, Laird continued saying those applications only came from 912 unique students, meaning many of the low number of students that did apply applied for up to 18 different positions. With under a third of the estimated student body even applying through the program, on the topic of raising awareness Laird says, “That’s the million-dollar question. Every year it’s a repeat, because we replace about half of our student body with new incoming freshmen and the rest of you graduate or go on to other things in life. So we’re trying to institutionalize Career Services so not only can you log in through, but we are working with I.T. so it can become part of the banner when you log on to Badger Web.”

Another member of the Career Services program, Jesse Brunner, said another obstacle, to both students and the Career Services program, is, “There’s way more students than positions”. Brunner further explained “There haven’t been too many jobs because most of those jobs were filled in August. So you have a lot of jobs open up in July and August for the students, and then they’re taken and the students will keep them all year. So not very many will open up in the spring.”

Both Laird and Brunner explained the steps that Career Services is taking to expand the reach of their program, as well as expand the variety of positions, both on and off-campus, available to students. The changes to the web presence of the program are expected to be implemented and made available to students in the near future.

Both Laird and Brunner have offices in the Business Building, and are both open to appointments to assist students with resume building and job hunting. Their office hours and contact information can be found at

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