Joseph Packs the House as Snow’s Latest Musical

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has been in the making since fall of last year, and finally took to the stage on February 27, selling out shows right off the bat.

Photo by Jacob Clawson

Starring Liam Herbert as Joseph, along with a long list of music and theatre students, this year’s musical has taken Ephraim by storm with their rendition of the best bible musical there is.

After the theatre department’s struggle in gaining the performance rights to the musical, “Fiddler on the Roof”, Director Brad Olsen chose to go with the critically acclaimed musical of Joseph instead. “I knew it was a good high-energy show and would appeal to many of the same people. It was important to have a show with a similar draw” Olsen explained. 

Being his last show as a Badger, Olsen also mentioned his gratitude for the production. “I really appreciated working with this cast and company. A show like Joseph requires a lot of dedication to bring it to fruition. I’m happy to have this high quality production as my final show at Snow College.”

Snow College musicals have generally been praised and seen as the best show of the year by the school and community. Seats regularly sell out, and audiences walk away amazed by the level of talent and skill these students have to produce such a show.

Built and run mostly by students, Snow College boasts one of the only programs in the state and country where freshmen and sophomores can see their own designs and technical work on the main stage in front of packed houses.

So far the musical has already attracted audiences from out of the county, and in some cases out of state.

As performances came to a close, finishing on Saturday March 7th, shows were sold out, overbooked and left people wanting more. Some even searched social media for extra tickets for resale. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat turned out to be worth the hard effort the cast and crew put in as the community simply couldn’t get enough of it.

Jacob Clawson grew up in Orange County California where he found a passion for photography, sports and music. Utah had always been the plan after high school as generations of his family have graduated from schools across the state. He is in his second year at Snow College studying Theatre set, design and tech, hoping to one day work in Southeast Asia designing live shows. When he’s not found backstage or writing articles for newspaper he can be found working on his car, traveling or finding the best trails in Sanpete County.

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