Keeping Up With Thanksgiving Traditions

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IMG_1085If there is one thing that is always constant with the holidays, it is family traditions. Whereas every family is different in what they do, the concept of traditions holds strong.

Snow College students express their family traditions with the excitement to be heading home for the holidays. The idea of different customs for the Thanksgiving holiday are in a broad range. There are so many traditions from breaking the wishbone, to playing football after dinner.

Some families have huge, glamorous meals and parties, while others enjoy more reserved company. But what do Snow College students retain as their annual Turkey Day rituals with their families?

Emily Taggart, a freshman, said, “We start the day with the parade. We always, always, make the same food every year. From the fried turkey to the delicious pumpkin pies; it never changes. Then at dinner, while we are all eating, we go around the table and each of us says something we are thankful for.”

Kyler Hatch, also a freshman, said, “My family always eats dinner then we usually decide to go get our Christmas tree. We will take a long drive up the mountain and search for the best looking trees. After we have found the perfect few, we cut them down. Either that or we’ll end up shooting at them.”

Traditions vary from every individual. Most commonly, the parade, big dinners, and sharing thanks are widely accepted traditions among students and their families. Of course, watching football can be added to the list.

But anyway that we celebrate Turkey Day, the important thing is to remember to be safe and enjoy the time with family and friends.

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