Ken Sanders visits Snow 

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Ken Sanders shows off a portion of his collection of books. Photo curtesy of *Celia Benson.

Ken Sanders shows off a portion of his collection of books. Photo curtesy of *Celia Benson.

On November 10, Ken Sanders, owner of Ken Sanders Rare Books and founder of the Dream Garden Press publishing company, came to Convocations in honor of National Novel Writing Month.


Sanders began by defining what “Convocations” means, emphasizing the academic implications. Although, Sanders always had a love for books and started collecting when he was 14 years old, he emphasized that he does not consider himself an academic. That being said, Sanders began to buy and sell books while still in high school.

Sanders also discussed some controversial topics which included politics both past and present. The first draft, for the Vietnam War, was instigated a couple of months before his eighteenth birthday and his birthday was drawn as a very low draft number that year. He spoke of how some of his friends had to go and how it changed them.

In discussing such topics, Sanders made it clear that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has a right to choose their own future.

Reading sections of books and poetry, Sanders highlighted some of his favorite authors and writers including Edward Abbey.

Sanders stressed the value of people no matter their gender or nationality.

While working with the Antiques Road show, Sanders has been approached by many people claiming to have a very old and valuable book. To this, Sanders responds, “The vast majority of books aren’t rare… age has got relatively nothing to do with the value.” This is because, “Rarity and value are not the same thing,” Sanders says. A person may have the only known copy of something but it has little value if no one but the owner cares about it. It very much has to do with supply and demand.

When asked whether books would ever die, Sanders replied, “Books were never mainstream… books will remain because we are not mainstream people.”

The next Convocations, on November 17th, will feature the Opportunity Quest Finalists.

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