Kindness Week Brings Out the Best in Students

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From February 10-14, Student Life set up activities that everyone could participate in for the week, right before Valentine’s Day. 

Marshall Pond decorates his favorite professor’s office for Valentine’s Day. Members of the Presidents Leadership Team did this around campus to show their love for professors. Photo by McKale Tolley

On Monday February 10, Kindness Week was kicked off in the Huntsman Library main lobby area where Badgers could write down kind words on post-it notes that they could stick on a white board. In addition to a small white board stand set up by the front doors, there was a larger stand set up in the lobby area, right next to the receptionist desk. Throughout the day, students were given the opportunity to write down a message of kindness as they walked into or were passing through the library. 

From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. there were pass along cards and popcorn at the Bell Tower. If students didn’t write a note in the library, they were given another chance at the Bell Tower to pass along Kindness Cards. Once a student was given a card, they were supposed to pass it along to another Badger, and throughout the rest of the afternoon, cards could be seen getting passed amongst friends. In regards to Kindness Week and the Kindness Cards, student, Brian Bertolio explains, “We’re doing it to invoke kindness around campus and sometimes, especially this week because it is Valentines – some people feel sad and lonely. So spreading kindness is a good way to cheer people up, help them feel better, and create a positive environment.”

On Wednesday in the Greenwood Student Center, there was an activity that students participated in where they had the option to plant succulents and learn about healthy habits (see Students Plant Succulents). On Thursday, students had the chance to grab some cookies at the Bell Tower, and then in the library on Valentine’s Day, students could receive a cookie and write a note that they could give to their friends or a fellow Badger. Maddie Mitchell, a student at Snow College, says in response to Kindness Week, that it is easy to be kind to others. “It brings such a positive message and being kind isn’t that hard. It can be something super simple, and so I think that it’s just super easy to do and you might as well do it if you have the opportunity.”

For some students, Kindness Week offered a way to spread kindness around campus especially as Valentine’s Day approached. According to student, Kieryn Funk, “Kindness is like a virus, but you know in a good way, because if one person does it than that person will be more inclined to do it to others; it’s kind of like a chain reaction.” 

As Kindness Week ended with the cookies in the library, some students felt like the week was really worth it, and that it helped students realize how simple spreading kindness can be. “It helped me realize that kindness isn’t hard and that anyone can do it,” student, Kamree Tucker concludes. 

Sara Schoenfeld is attending Snow College for the first time as a Communications major. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and found herself in Centerville, Utah her sophomore year in high school. At age 12, a fictional book touched her heart, causing a wishful spark to stir which led her to start writing her own inspirational stories. She continues to aspire towards achieving her goals by inspiring others through her writing.

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