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Kudos to the Basketball Teams

Something I never noticed until recently is that the basketball teams are the best.

I don’t know how good they are on the court, but when they hold study hall on the 3rd floor of the library, they are awesome.

They are silent and respectful. They stay together. Their coaches sit with them and offer support. They don’t bother other students and they mind their own business.

Recently, the football team has been holding study hall in the library during the afternoon. I don’t know if study hall is mandatory, but it seems like the whole football team overloads the library at the same time. I’ve noticed that it’s beginning to bother a lot of students.

They crowd into study rooms, occupy the student computers in the basement and fill the media labs. Yeah, I realize that many of the players are actually studying. But yet, many aren’t.

Blasting music, watching YouTube videos with the volume turned all the way up, interrupting others study time are just complaints I’m hearing from friends. It’s getting old.

Congratulations on winning the championship. That is actually really exciting. I’m glad you guys are now able to focus on your school work. I totally get the importance of study hall. You’re student athletes.

But, we don’t come into your practices and interrupt your work, so please don’t interrupt ours.

I want to thank those players who come to the library ready to study and get down to business and ask the other football players to take note.

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