Last Days: 2021 Commencement

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As the COVID-19 situation is closely monitored, the Snow College administration has announced plans to celebrate the graduation of its students.
In order to achieve a face-to-face ceremony, the Snow College staff has worked carefully to guarantee all graduating students a warm and loving farewell.
Marci Larsen, Chair of the Graduation Committee, has stated that “[we] are taking all precautions to ensure a safe celebration for students. This is the highlight of the year – the reason we all are here!”
Although the plans are subject to necessary change as the health situation continues to evolve, the main goal of the action plan is to perform the in-person ceremony based on all the protocols and care that would help maintain the health security of everybody.
At this point, the commencement has been scheduled for May 6 at the Richfield campus and May 7 at the Ephraim campus.
Graduation makes for one of life’s best memories, as it is a reflection and celebration of the hard work of many years.
Together with friends and family, achievements are celebrated and the festive atmosphere of the day is enjoyed. Being a memorable event and a truly exciting time of year, graduation symbolizes the end of one stage and the beginning of another.
This has been a truly difficult year for everyone, where each person has struggled and strived to move forward past the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought us. The celebration for the new alumni of Snow College should be a moment of excitement and recognition, especially for all the struggle that this year created, and for the achievements that have been reached.

The courtyard statue of Erastus and Lorenzo Snow dressed in a cap, gown, and tassel in celebration of Snow College’s Class of 2021. Photo by Taylor Davies.

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