Lavender Celebration

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Students who are LGBTQ+ students were invited to an event to celebrate their graduation. There was a special event hosted by the Pride Club that celebrated these students, who may have had a rough time this year, or might be looking for support. This event had the president of Snow College as well as a few LGBTQ+ allies.
This event was held on the fourth floor of the Noyes building, in the College Founders Hall, there was food served, being respectful of vegans, vegetarians, and people who may have food allergies. The event was held on April 21st, at 6 pm.
While this was Snow College’s first Lavender Celebration, this event is not a new thing. Most Universities and Colleges have an event like this, to celebrate the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ students. A celebration like this can help raise them up and make them feel comforted and know that they do have support.
This was also the last Pride Club activity for the year. Pride Club has been a way for students to be able to meet others like them and have a community around them full of support. Shannon Allred, the Pride Club advisor, says about the event, “There will be a super short program and then we will just hang out. Snow College President will be there as well as a couple of other allies from the school. We just want to celebrate you and wish you well as you move on to your next adventure.” This event is a nice way to celebrate those graduating and giving them a good farewell as they go off.

Graduates pose with their lavender cords and President Cook. Photo courtesy of Snow College Pride Club

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