Learn to Write Here in Ephraim

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The 6th annual, “Write Here in Ephraim” conference is coming to Snow on April 22nd and 23rd. The event will offer presentations and classes on how to increase writing skills. Special guests Dean Hughes, Justin Osmond, and Jenni James will be at the conference giving tips and advice on writing, publishing, and how their own personal lives affected their journey as authors. The conference will hold numerous writing-related classes and various events including a well-known weapons seminar taught by C. David Belt.

Kaylee Van Dyke, a Snow College student, went to the weapons seminar a couple years ago and explained how, “It was one of those blow-your-mind type seminars. They demonstrated spears, traditional Japanese weapons, and numerous swords. Anyone who has an interest in writing an epic fantasy should definitely check out this seminar.”

Naomi Coronel, student, explained how, “I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge on writing. I’ve heard good things about the conference.” Leah Meats, a Snow College alumni, is pursuing novel writing and is excited to go to the different presentations. “Marketing Your Book on a Budget” taught by Kathryn & Douglas Jones is a presentation that Meats says will be, “an asset to her” and will help her pursue her childhood dream of becoming an author.

To register for the conference, log onto writehereinephraim.com and click on the registration tab.

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